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For a limited time, create the perfect parcel of missives to the First Family with our White House Letters Combo Pack! Grab I Live Real Close To Where You Used To Live and Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country together for only $14 plus shipping and handling.

I Live Real Close To Where You Used To Live

Kids' Letters to Michelle Obama (and to Sasha, Malia, & Bo)

I Live Real Close to Where You Used to Live is a collection of letters written by kids across America to Michelle Obama and her daughters Malia and Sasha (plus a few to their dog Bo). The book is bursting with advice, observations, and questions for the First Lady and her family.

No topic is off-limits; the letters deal with issues ranging from immigration and war to Easy-Bake Ovens and dog food. While some of the messages are heartfelt – “Please help to stop bullying so the kids can be safe in school” – and others are hilarious – “Who made up the whales?” – all of the letters are unabashedly honest.

I Live Real Close To Where You Used To Live includes thoughts and suggestions such as the following:

"You're a better dancer than your husband." —Tatiana Morales, age 10, Los Angeles

"Try to keep drugs off the streets. Robots may be able to help you." —Aidan Sheill-Loomis, age 9, and Nicolas W. Brooke, age 10, Boston

"Thank you for helping people in need and supporting them and sticking up for them."—Neyin Sanders, age 9, Chicago

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