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The 826 Pocket Activity Book

32 pages of pocket-sized fun

Do you find your perfectly behaved children mysteriously replaced by wild rapscallions during long trips? With the click of a seatbelt, does their appetite for snacks and soda instantly rival levels only observed in bears? Or a penchant for asking questions and demanding attention just at the moment that you have turned onto I-580 E instead of I-580 W?

If one or more of these symptoms sounds familiar to you, your children might be afflicted with what is commonly referred as Longtripus boredomitis. It’s not a serious disorder, but it can be a slippery one to cure. Fortunately for you, in recent totally un-clinical trials, The 826 Pocket Activity Book has been proven to decrease symptoms of Longtripus boredomitis by one hundred-and-eleven percent in children tested. (Preliminary results in adult populations are quite promising, too.)

For optimal portability, The 826 Pocket Activity Book is a handy 3.5in x 5in size, but don’t let its smallness fool you. Packed within those few humble inches are 32 pages (of 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based ink) ready to document jungle animal discoveries, the flags of new islands, secret refrigerator worlds, and lots more!

An extra special thanks to our friends at Scout Books for generously printing and donating these wonderful books, and to artist Will Bryant for his drawings and lettering on each delightful page!