“This is mostly what you do at 826 Valencia. You pay attention to them. You cheer them on. You offer a little guidance. Mostly, you’re there, and that goes a long way. Even if you’re not particularly good with this age group (i.e. Me), if you’re patient and a little stubborn, you can make a difference, even in a small way. And to be honest, that’s what I like most about these Wednesdays. I learn I can have some power, in a positive way, over other people’s lives, and that makes me think: I can have some power over my own life too.”

--From the story 826 Valencia Days, by Author and Tutor, Tom Kealey

826 chapters are packed five days a week with neighborhood students who come in for free one-on-one tutoring after school. We serve students of all skill levels and interests.

Trained volunteers, many of whom are professional writers, are available to help students with their individual writing projects and any type of homework. Even though our locations are called 'writing centers', we typically have at least one math tutor on site during drop-in tutoring sessions, and we also try to accommodate the sciences, foreign languages, and other academic needs.

Students can also drop in to our tutoring center if they simply need a welcoming place to do homework, read a book, use our computers for Internet research, or work on their own writing projects. Each of our sites offers many publishing options for these students to submit their writing.

We believe that students can make great leaps in their understanding of composition, grammar and self-expression through one-on-one attention from skilled teachers and tutors working in support of classroom instructors. In addition to the tutors, we also have many resources available to our students such as:

  • lots of Macs
  • printers
  • a book-binding machine
  • a copier
  • worktables
  • staplers (and paper)