Professor Bryan Snickerbottom, Jr.
by Destiny, Kyle, & Lisbeth, 826NYC

Professor Bryan Snickerbottom, Jr. woke up one morning and was looking for some salt to clear the snow in his underground lab. He went to the store and the clerk told him there was no salt in the world.

He went to his lab and got his salt-o-finder, went to the ocean, and put it in the water. The salt-o-finder said there was no salt, and then he fainted.

When he awoke, he said, “Where in the world did all the salt go?”

He searched the garbage, and there was no salt. So, he went into his lab and he hopped in his time-o-machine and went back in time to borrow salt from other people.

He came back with 100 pounds of salt. He noticed people fishing in the ocean and not catching any fish. A lot of the animals had died, and the fishermen were losing a lot of food.

The human race died without salt. And Professor Bryan Snickerbottom, Jr. was alone.

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