1. Straight-up News Project
  2. The Everett Writers' Room
  3. StudioSTL
  4. Boston Partners in Education
  5. Adopt-A-School Program
  6. Dade Partners
  7. ACS Adopt A School
  8. National Academy Foundation
  9. Making Waves
  10. Austin Bat Cave
  11. Word Street
  12. College is Real
  13. Young Authors' Book Project
  14. 826 Valencia Workshop Podcasts
  15. Ann Arbor Transportation Authority Student Writing Project
  16. First ever PTA at Rosa Parks Elementary School
  17. 826 Seattle and John Marshall make changes
  18. Breadmasters Club
  19. Emily K Center
  20. Project Soar
  21. Silver Lining
  22. Fighting Words
  23. Logan Street School Computer Training Program
  24. Young Storytellers
  25. Art Jump Off!
  26. Help2read
  27. Capital City Public Charter School
  28. Mural Arts Project
  29. (ACE) Awareness for Communities about Energy
  30. The Story House Project: Coming to America
  31. The World As It Could Be: A Dramatization of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  32. Shatter2Matter
  33. Musicians in Action
  34. M.U.S.I.C. (Musicians United for Songs in the Classroom)
  35. Incentive Mentoring Program
  36. Sunflower County Freedom Project
  37. Tiara Shafiq
  38. Learning Communities
  39. Home School Partnership
  41. Cora Lou's Kids
  42. Tap Into Self Esteem
  43. The Homework Help Center
  44. Elementary 2.0
  45. A.P. Tureaud Book Drive
  46. My Bucket of Beautiful Brains!
  47. First Story
  48. ImagineSCIENCE
  49. Opportunity Impact
  50. The Del Mar Writing Project
  51. English in Action with the Bulldogs
  52. Everyday Etudes
  53. CHANGE 5
  54. Parents United in Action
  55. It's Rocket Science!
  56. The Echo Park Research Institute Concerning Time Travel (EPRICoTT)
  57. Community Partnership For Youth
  58. The Partnership Scholars Program
  59. Alisal H.S. Mock Job Interviews
  60. Mission Dolores School Literary Magazine
  61. XO Connection
  62. Welcome to the World of Reading
  63. Starting Artists
  64. Pre-Collegiate Mentoring Program
  65. Planet-Saving Super Heroes
  66. Saving Peruvian Archeological History
  67. Waimanalo After School Tutoring & Tennis Program
  68. The House at St. Barts
  69. FirstBook -- Charlotte
  70. UCSD Earth Week VidFest
  71. Video Crew
  72. International Collaboration
  73. Ethiopian Partnership
  74. "Rolling Gallery" Art Project.
  75. A Brilliant Life Foundation
  76. Linking Sixth Grade Students with Local Water Route History
  77. Put That Butt Down.
  78. The Drooly Dog Drawing Project
  79. Local To Global Student Project
  80. A collaboration between 826NYC and ESPN: The Magazine
  81. Summer Learning Program for Elementary Students
  82. Open Classroom Reserva Los Coyotes, Costa Rica
  83. Travel the World Through Chocolate
  85. Sustainable Knowledge Transfer (How I Helped My Local Public Schools)
  86. New Generation of Engineers
  87. Mission High Book Project
  88. The My World Project
  89. Locative Learning Project in Banff, Canada
  90. Plaza Comunitaria
  91. BizAcademy: "The Apprentice" - Where No One Gets Fired and Everyone Gets Hired!
  92. Rainbow Grocery Serves Up Healthy Afterschool Snacks
  93. K-12 STEM help: STEMschool
  94. Senior Adults for Greater Education
  95. Beethoven Elementary Park
  96. Museum Theater in Schools
  97. An Operating Manual on Being Human
  98. Local Public School Volunteer
  99. Earth Savers Gang
  100. Sponsoring an Electrical Generator for School Computers (Socially Responsible Tourism)
  101. Exploring Human Needs Through the Arts
  103. The Dream Project
  104. Online Projects For Teachers
  105. Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School Enrollment Project
  106. WORD PLAY
  107. One-To-World: The Global Classroom Project
  108. DTD and the DREAM Tour
  109. The Great Literacy
  110. Cable Company Offers Students the Opportunity to Shine
  111. Using 2D Space to Explore Physics, Biology, Engineering, and Social Interactions
  112. Visual Variety for Math
  113. The Producers' Project: A New Lens on Learning
  114. Creating a Culture of Peace
  115. Design Educator in the Desert
  116. Creating Healthy Communities
  117. E-cubed: Education, Engineering and Environmentalism
  118. Project PERCH: Primary School Furniture
  119. Building Bridges With Books
  120. Drawing Symbols of Identity and The Magic of Glass
  121. Shalamuka
  122. Voices Within
  124. Dreamtime Personalities
  125. Globalization and Transformation of Culture
  126. Science and Technology -- Elementary
  127. President, East Bay Children's Theatre
  128. Wildcat Cash
  129. Coach Revolution
  130. Free Maths and Spelling Help via One-on-One Games
  131. Canvas Make Your Mark
  132. Community Partners for Kids
  133. Creative Storytelling: Uganda
  134. Advocacy Lab
  135. Music and the Brain
  136. A World in Motion
  137. The Edible Schoolyard
  138. Science Workshops for Students
  139. City Montessori School as the Guardian of Two Billion Children of the World
  140. MindScreen
  141. Service For Peace in the Philippines
  142. Wish You Warmth
  143. The Picture of Hope
  144. Ribbon Lots and Lots
  145. 51SIM
  146. The Stars Challenge
  147. PATTERNS - A Play for Young Audiences
  148. ACC - Theater Education
  149. Tech Teaches Tremendously
  150. Increasing Biodiversity
  151. Kodiak High Boat Building
  152. ArtsConnection: Student Art Program
  153. An Owner's Manual for Character
  154. Living Values Parent Facilitators
  155. Between Four Eyes (B4E)
  156. Chess-in-the-Schools
  157. Peer Health Exchange
  158. Portland Public Schools Summer Academy
  159. Ockerman Middle School and Schwan Foods
  160. Junior Achievement at Warm Springs Elementary
  161. EFL University
  162. Making 'Zines and Writing Books with Capitol Letters Writing Center
  163. Aranui Learning Programme
  164. Project Littlefoot
  165. Donors Choose
  166. Electing to Lead-WILD9 Youth Delegates
  167. Cooking with kids
  168. It Starts Small
  169. Bringing Music Back
  170. The Thunder Hill Park Alliance
  171. Circles of Influence
  172. Move n' Groove Class
  173. The Good News
  174. Building a state of the art submersible - a community effort
  175. My Inaugural Experience
  176. Send your Name to the Moon & 40 Year Anniversary of Humanity to the Moon
  177. Greening Shorewood
  178. Promoting Reading in a Wired World
  179. That's Mosaic
  180. Like Sculpting In Water
  181. Get to Know the Library
  182. Combining Public, Private and Homeschooled Youth using The Gulch Method
  184. The Effects of Elevated Blood Lead Levels on Student Achievement
  185. L=E
  186. Zen Scuba Diver Math and Science Youth Program
  187. All Things Are Possible
  188. Kids Social and Emotional Literacy Program (S.E.L.P.): The "Tool Box"
  190. Idea to Reality, a Learning Experiment in Education: A work in Progress
  191. Green Arts Schools
  192. Men in the Classroom
  193. Athletes as Readers and Leaders
  194. Green Ambassadors, Youth Empowering All!
  195. "IS THERE KISSING?" What Ten Kids Taught Me That Hollywood Couldn't
  196. College Scholarships from the Community
  197. Teach India
  198. Bringing Students to Peace
  199. Restoring Creativity in Local Public Education
  200. All Kids Can Read
  201. No Child Left Inside
  202. Saving the Performing Arts Education Program, School by School
  203. English for Opportunities
  204. Entrepreneurship Education: Inspired Learning for the 21st Century
  205. The FOSTER Fair
  206. 250,000 Books Given to Needy Children
  207. Building the Future with Creativity as a Source : Creative World Foundation
  208. Making Math Count to Teenagers
  209. Choosing Healthy Alternatives by Learning to Read Labels -- or Toxin-Free Eating
  210. Inspiring Youth through Corporate Day of Service
  211. Learn & Earn Centres for Scavenging Girls in Kenya's Slums
  212. Science Docents in the Classrom
  213. Kindly Wizards: Teaching Kids Compassion and Service
  214. Digital Storytelling and Media Design: the Real World
  215. Women in Jazz
  216. Open Classroom, Reserva Los Coyotes
  217. Dream Centres - Skills for Learning, Skills for Life
  218. Poketo + 826LA Collaboration
  219. Between Friends
  220. Amahobe Ubuntu Club
  221. "I Can Do It!"
  222. Make the Time
  223. Changing Hearts and Minds
  224. The Northern Lights; Shining The Light on the Meth-edemic
  225. "The Bridge To Nowhere" play
  226. Educational Surf Programs
  227. Break-your-toy at the University
  228. Mustang Engineering Founder's Legacy
  229. Soaring Youth Leaders
  230. Transcendent Dreams
  231. Changing the Habits of Kids and Families Commuting to School
  232. Capitol Letters Writing Center Workshop
  233. The Way We See It: A Student Anthology
  234. BonnyBooks
  235. Science Creative Literacy Symposia
  236. JUMP Math Volunteer Tutors
  237. Volunteers in Education: Assistive Technology Training and Volunteers
  238. If I Could Tell You..
  239. Spells' Story Begins with the Students of Philadelphia!
  240. Steps to Social Change
  241. All Things Are Possible
  242. The Pipeline Program
  243. Volunteering through my university
  244. Silence the Violence Programme
  245. If I could tell you...
  246. Getting kids Stoked through Mentoring & Action Sports
  247. Golden Rule Project
  248. Getting kids connected to carrots.
  249. Intercultural Activities
  250. Mess Decks
  251. Cafe run by teens, designed by teens, enjoyed by everyone.
  252. Connecting Student Communities
  253. Highschool screen-printing studio
  254. South Africa: Ubuntu Education Fundraising and Pen Pals
  255. The Voyager Program
  256. MEDIAWORKS: Mentoring Youth the Audio Visual Arts
  257. From Garden to Plate: Bringing Healthy Eating Habits into Public Schools
  258. Digital Artists Academy
  259. The Learning Adventure
  260. Build Community by Organizing 5th grade Graduation Dance
  261. UC Berkeley Anatomy Enrichment Program for Local Elementary Schools
  262. School Supplies for Growing Economically Disadvantaged Population
  263. Two Birds with One Stone
  264. The Reading Garden
  265. UC Berkeley Anatomy Enrichment Program for Local Elementary Schools
  266. Turning Trash into Eco-Treasures
  267. Schoolyard Pizza Oven Project
  268. Starting a Writing Center
  269. We Got Caught
  270. A Middle School Gambit
  271. Applying Hands-On Experience
  272. The Shine Centre, Cape Town, South Africa
  273. Toda la historia del colegio
  274. Target 100%
  275. Au contraire
  276. Marquez Charter Elementary School Website
  277. Talent of Many
  278. To awaken joy in creative expression and learning
  279. Teaching Piano in the Classroom
  280. Keen to be Green
  281. Super Foods Superheroes
  282. First-grade "helper" turned into all-grade weekly prep sessions
  283. Cougar Productions and Midian Films 2 Cannes
  284. GOT it! Girls of Technology
  285. Developing Economics
  286. With SpongeBob on the Couch - The Film Experts
  287. Mr. Donut & me
  288. The genesis of COPILOT
  289. From Lollipops to Tutoring
  290. The Odyssey Writer's Workshop
  291. Learning To Love Stories
  292. 2300 to one
  293. The Weight of Words
  294. Tao Nguyen & Hoa Cao Scholar Athlete Scholarship
  295. Hygge Factory
  296. 826 Valencia comes to Merry Ol’ England
  297. Flight of the Pigeons
  298. Stories Down Under!
  299. Hackney Pirates
  300. The Castle
  301. Science is Elementary
  302. Forest Hill Elementary School Kindergarten Cooking Project
  303. Ravenswood Writes at the Summit Preparatory Charter High School
  304. VIBES at Sammamish High School
  305. Sundials at Fairmeadow Elementary School
  306. Algebra I at KIPP Bay Academy in San Francisco
  307. Speech-writing at Summerbridge Hong Kong
  308. Reading to Students in Baltimore
  309. Put Up or Shut Up
  310. Design for Current Media and Technologies
  311. Childserv in Chicago
  312. Kindergarten Help at Cesar Chavez Elementary
  313. Computer Science with a Google team at the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center
  314. Establishing Fundamental Writing Skills at Bubb Elementary in Mountain View
  315. Richmond Young Writers
  316. Ohio City Writers
  317. KidSafe: Vancouver
  318. Story Planet: Canada
  319. SuperAct!
  320. Making College A Reality
  321. Tutoring with 826 Valencia
  322. Lunchtime Super Heroes
  323. The Magic of Mini-Books
  324. Computer Lab Learning
  325. A Taste for Cooking
  326. Art Enrichment
  327. Tutoring At-Risk Youth
  328. College Role Models
  329. Boys and Men of Color Project
  330. Persuasive Writing
  331. Geography at New York Cares
  332. Service Learning
  333. Safe Lunch
  334. Summer School
  335. All I Need Is A Stapler
  336. Helping Kids Read
  337. Environmental Science
  338. Imagination's Analog: the Dewey Decimal System
  339. Support Your School Library
  340. Silly Sentences
  341. Big Brothers Big Sisters, San Francisco
  342. The Straight Up News
  343. Parent Education Project
  344. Homework Help at 826 Valencia
  345. Historical Fiction - Gold Rush Style
  346. Field Trips at St. Gabriel Elementary School
  347. The Great Artist Program
  348. Assistance from an Artist
  349. Storytelling Field Trip
  350. Show, Don’t Tell
  351. Folktales and Lessons Learned
  352. National Reading Day
  353. Tutoring Success
  354. Art Time Helper
  355. After School Excel Tutoring Program
  356. "Memoirs of Life So Far" - Writing
  357. Why I Tutor At 826 Valencia
  358. Book-Making
  359. Straight-Up News and Student Journalism
  360. Reviving Oakland’s Computer Clubhouse
  361. The Hackney Pirates
  362. Beyond 64 Squares
  363. DJ Workshop
  364. College Personal Statements
  365. STEAM at Exploring Words Summer Camp
  366. "Letters from the Colonies"
  367. Becoming Journalists
  368. Homework Help and 7th Grade Jokes at 826 Valencia
  369. Journalism 101
  370. The Valencia Bay-farer: A Newspaper By and For Students
  371. "The Mad Chapter"
  372. Learning to be a Teacher
  373. Reading and Writing and Listening and Dreaming
  374. Dogs in the News
  375. Finding Your Voice
  376. Professional Journalists Assist Amateur Ones
  377. Volunteering at Elmwood Elementary
  378. Web Literacy Tutoring
  379. Afterschool Program and James Lick Middle School
  380. Mastery Conquerors Tutoring
  381. Library Development for ALA
  382. Mentoring Program KIPP
  383. Library Project
  384. Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  385. Volunteering at Willard Middle School
  386. Colorado State University’s Service Learning Course “Micro Lessons: Macro Impact”
  387. iStudyforSuccess

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