Amazing 826 Serial Storytelling Extravaganza!

826CHI recently received a donation of Moleskine notebooks, each of which contain eight pages. In contemplating the special number of eight, it only made sense to introduce a new 826 chapter-wide serial storytelling project. Over the course of this spring, we are circulating 12 of these notebooks through all eight of our chapters across the country, asking students to write one page apiece. At the conclusion of the multi-chapter, multi-state project, we will have 12 separate stories, each written by eight student authors.

While much of the information at 826CHI is (understandably) classified, word has leaked that: At each chapter, students will include a nod to something in their city and/or their chapter’s storefront in their writing. Or maybe not. We are quite confident, however, that the resulting stories and author bios will be entertaining, enlightening, and one-of-a-kind. Which is why we we've redesigned this part of 826 National's website to spotlight and celebrate these 96 student authors. Read on and enjoy!


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