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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Letter to Mexico

Maria V. is 17 years old. Maria was published in 826CHI’s publication , The Noise Felt Human.

From 1994 to 2010 I lived happily in Mexico. For 16 years I had a beautiful life. In 2008 my family and I got citizenship. All my family got it in 2008, but many things are still difficult for me.

Dear Mexico,

I miss you, Mexico, because many things have passed that were happy but were sad.

Well, here Chicago is beautiful. I know, but not compared to you. I miss you so much, Mexico, for everything. The place where I lived was a village where my father had animals. I always loved animals-remember when I was eight or nine years old and I wanted to be a veterinarian? My favorites were dogs and rabbits. But here, I don’t have any animals, and this for me is especially sad. Last month my dog Marko, a beautiful doggie who still lived in Mexico with family, died. I was so sad to lose her, but I try to be happy that she is resting in peace in a beautiful place.

My mom told me that when I finish high school I can go back and study at the university over there. But I don’t know because I want to stay here to learn more English, and my English teacher told me that I was learning more this year. I’d like to keep going in my studies, to be a medical assistant, and to have good work and a beautiful family with someone who loves me.

The first year I came here with my aunt and uncle. Sometimes when my sister and little cousin were playing with me, my aunt said to me that she was my second mom. When she told me this I felt special. In December that year, my aunt died, and I miss her. I still remember how we shopped for clothes, went to the lake, and walked in the sin. I’m not always happy because my whole family is not here with me like I want. My family is divided into two parts, but I understand that my parents want better for my brothers and me.

When I started school, my first day was strange because I didn’t know anybody. I felt confused because they have many types of people here and some know Spanish but I didn’t. I thought it was funny because they were talking to me even though I didn’t understand yet. I could only say, “Sorry, I don’t know English,” or also “What?” or “I don’t know.”

But, Mexico, here I have had happy moments both in and out of school. Now I’m in eleventh grade and have new friends. I also remember friends I made last year, and each year I know more people. I’m surprised how time passed so quickly. By April I had lived here for two years. I don’t know. I feel weird. I miss you much, Mexico-my pet, my friends, I miss everything-but I’m here because my parents want a good future for me and my brothers.

Through all my life many things have happened for better or worse, but since living here in Chicago my life has changed so much. In Mexico, I lived modestly. I didn’t dress the way that I do now, and now I have material things. There, life is different. We were calmer too-here we have to worry about paying the rent, the telephone bill, the gas bill, and the water bill. In Mexico, my family didn’t have to worry about paying the rent. We only paid the electric bill, at least at my house over there.

Mexico, I am still surprised how the violence over there has changed you a bit. Sometimes, I worry and feel bad about my family who is still there. I fear something may happen to them and not me because I am here. Mexico, I hope you will continue to be a tourist attraction and that you’ll continue to be rich in culture. I don’t want the violence there to finish you, converting you into a country of terror.

I would like to visit you again and visit my family. I don’t want you to be a violent country like you currently are. I want everything to return to how it used to be.



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