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This is what we are all about! We are so very happy to share with you some of the best student writing from workshops, field trips, and tutoring sessions at 826 centers across the country. We also accept submissions by any students age 6-18. All writing can be emailed to submissions [at] 826national.org for consideration. Read on and enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Upcoming Publications

We have fiction, poems, and plays from the next generation of storytellers! Students from 826 chapters across the country have put pen to paper to contribute to seven forthcoming summer book releases. Here’s a sneak peek for you.

* * *

Blue Vs. Green Frogs
by Marvin Mendoza from 826 Boston

      “Ribbit.” One day (ribbit) there was a place that was divided by five parts, (ribbit) but they were not claimed by humans, but frogs of all different colors: (ribbit), blue, gray, red, yellow, and green. Green was the smallest (ribbit). Blue was the biggest and also the baddest (ribbit). Read the entire piece...

* * *

A Song of Homecoming
by Sarah Meyer from 826CHI

Stars gaze down on the water;
as the bright lights
and towering buildings sing
a song of homecoming.
Read the entire piece...

* * *

Earnestly Grumpy
by Gabriela Tiscareño from 826LA

     The atmosphere on the planet was heavy with the hustle and bustle generated by the concerns of its citizens, who ran to and fro between things they sought to delve deeper into—their latest discoveries, newest theories, and sudden epiphanies. Space cars hummed above like worker bees trying to find the biggest hive with the most honey. On the streets walked the younger generation, resentful for being restricted from the air for their competitive and reckless behavior. Read the entire piece...

* * *

by Keenan Wilson from 826michigan

I haven’t even begun to spill my life story onto these pages.
And people tell me, “I know how hard it must’ve been.”
And I’m asking myself,
Because you heard a couple of my poems? Read the entire piece...

* * *

by Alfred Parsard from 826NYC

  The 2008 World Series was historic and exciting. The American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays finally bested the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, their better-known (and better-funded) division rivals, only to lose to the National League’s Philadelphia Phillies, a franchise with its own epic history of bad fortune.
  The Series was also were notable for the fact that only six out of 50 players on the two teams’ rosters—just 12 percent—were African American. Even that figure is higher than Major League Baseball as a whole, where just six percent of all players are black. Read the entire piece...

* * *

Doing the Right Thing
by Mayra Ramirez from 826 Valencia

     If I could go back to when it all happened, I would choose to not be there at all. In that moment, I felt sad because he was just a young man stealing and showing no respect for his fellow human beings. At the same time, I was worried about him and wondered why he did it. Read the entire piece...


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