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This is what we are all about! We are so very happy to share with you some of the best student writing from workshops, field trips, and tutoring sessions at 826 centers across the country. We also accept submissions by any students age 6-18. All writing can be emailed to submissions [at] 826national.org for consideration. Read on and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chapter Spotlight: 826LA

For the next few months, we'll be spotlighting the different 826 chapters and the amazing young writers participating at each of our writing centers.

Let's kick it off with everyone's favorite time traveling scribes, the young authors of 826LA. For your reading pleasure, a selection of literary musings on Ramones songs that inspire tapping and trips to the beach, how to recognize a true hero, a missing Beatle and the frequently overlooked link between turtles and unrequited love. All of this plus much more from our promising students hard at work in the City of Angels.

* * *

(Four Songs)
by Nancy Lopez

"Rockaway Beach" by The Ramones
I listened to a song called "Rockaway Beach" by The Ramones. It repeated "Rockaway Beach" a lot and had loud drums. Two of the four taps were louder. Read the entire piece...

* * *

Dear Alien,
by Diego Grijalva, age 7

Dear Alien,

Life on Earth is great. How is yours? I have a sister. Do you have one? There is a lot of math here. I will give it to you to eat.


* * *

"What About Paul?"
by Alexandra Jiminez

     He woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across his head; Ringo Starr tidied himself up after a hard day’s night of recording with the boys—John, Paul, and George—at Abbey Road Studios. It was a cool, brisk Liverpool morning, so Ringo decided to have some tea. Read the entire piece...

* * *

by Maria Diaz

     One can be a true hero, but one needs to find the hero within oneself first. I have met amazing people throughout my life, made fantastic friends, and met extraordinary teachers who taught me very much. I have learned from them, and that has built up my character. I know heroes are all around me—people like my friends, teachers, firefighters, lifeguards, and the most important ones, my parents. They’ve worked hard to raise my brother, sister, and me. Read the entire piece...

* * *

Oh, My Dear Xbox
by Jesus Enriquez

Oh, my dear Xbox,
I remember when I first saw you.
Perfection to mankind.
You were water nourishing my survival.
The answer to my longing desire.
The gaming experience of a lifetime.
Read the entire piece...

* * *

The Untold Story
by Brigitte Karina Gomez

     My grandmother rarely tells the story of when she came to the United States, but she has told me. If not for my grandmother coming to the United States, frankly, I wouldn’t be here. I interviewed my grandmother to get a better understanding of our family’s history.

     Ena Echeverria came to the United States in 1976. Her trip, as any other immigrant would go through, was a difficult one. At the age of thirty-five, she left El Salvador and her family behind for a very common reason: “La búsqueda por una vida mejor para mi familia,” my grandmother answered proudly. (The pursuit for a better life for my family.) Read the entire piece...

* * *

Turtles Are Amazing
by Charlie Ramirez

Turtles are amazing
I can’t stop gazing

Turtles are green
You are my queen

Turtles live in the sea
Around you I feel free

Turtles walk slowly
I love you wholly
Read the entire piece...


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