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This is what we are all about! We are so very happy to share with you some of the best student writing from workshops, field trips, and tutoring sessions at 826 centers across the country. We also accept submissions by any students age 6-18. All writing can be emailed to submissions [at] 826national.org for consideration. Read on and enjoy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Letters to Michelle Obama

After our students were given the opportunity to write letters to President Barack Obama in 2009, their fascination with the Obamas continued. So earlier this year, all of our chapters held a series of workshops in which students wrote letters to the first lady. The letters were compiled in the book I Live Real Close to Where You Used to Live: Kids' Letters to Michelle Obama (and to Sasha, Malia and Bo). Their writings were full of questions on policy, advice, and, of course, reminders for Bo to keep the White House clean.


826 Boston

Dear Mrs. Obama,

Hi. My name is Samsam. I am six years old and I live in Roxbury. I am in first grade at the Nathan Hale School. My favorite pet is a cat, but I don't have one. When I was a baby, I broke my arm. I jumped off of a window. I got better. I went to the doctor and they put a cast on me. It was so itchy.

I wonder how you could stop the war. A lot of people are getting killed. If a lot of people get killed, there will be no more people in some countries. Instead of fighting wars, we could be peaceful together and be nice instead of selfish. I don’ t know how we’ ll stop the war, but I want your help.


Samsam Ismail, age 6

* * *


Dear Obama family,

Do you like basketball? What are you mostly allergic to? What do you mostly do all day? How do you feel leading the country? What would you do on a day off? What are the bodyguards' names? What do you feed Bo? I have a dog, too. I feed him... uh, I forgot. My dog is a Maltese. His name is Codey.

Your friend Alex from Chicago,

Alexander Henderson, age 8

* * *


Dear Obama Family,

My name is Donovan McCoy. I have some advice for you guys. First, my advice for Mr. Obama. You might know the government. Please, do everything in your power to help it. Mrs. Obama, please help your husband out. Sasha and Malia, stay in school and get the best education for you. And last, but not least, Bo. Please, Bo, don't go to the bathroom in the yard.


Donovan McCoy, age 10
Washington, DC,

* * *


Dear Michelle Obama,

Can we recycle more? Did you know that every twenty minutes a bird dies? My teacher Ms. Bhatt taught me that. Can you send me this: the new Pokémon game named Pokémon Black and White. Please. I'm twelve years old and I drink café. My school name is Grandview Elementary School.


Izequiel Martinez, age 12
Los Angeles

* * *


Dear Obama,

One of the solutions to greenhouse gas is hydrogen fusion. It’ s when you fuse four Hs and you make an He and that releases a tremendous amount of heat. And after boiling the water and making electricity, it turns out that it makes, I think, ten times the amount of electricity it takes to create the heat. The only problem with this is that it makes enough electricity to charge all the houses on a street for a couple weeks, but while traveling through the power lines two-thirds of the electricity is lost by the time it reaches the house. So it will be good to invest money in the power lines problem. Also, one of the best forms of renewable energy is solar panels. Even though they're expensive now, I suggest investing money in commercials for them. The more they sell the cheaper they get.

Omid Tavakoli, age 12
Flint, Michigan

* * *


Dear Michelle Obama,

Make school lunch better because child obesity is very bad. It's kind of the parents' fault because they listen to their children when they ask for food and they take vehicle transportation and don't walk or use a bike. I think that you should continue stopping child obesity.


Darious Serrano, age 11
New York

* * *

826 Valencia

Dear Michelle Obama,

My name is Juan. I have two younger sisters, Michelle and Rachelle. Make the world better. Please bring me scary stories like the ones my teacher has. For example, a book full of scary stories that are very, very scary. Bring me a thing to put my books in because I have a lot of books and they are too heavy in my backpack. Please bring me a cute fish, too, like the ones in Finding Nemo — the movie.

I want to be a teacher when I grow up because I want to teach other kids things they like learning, like how to take a test. When I am at school and it is recess time I like to play with my friends. My favorite colors are blue, brown, and yellow. Next year I will be going to the third grade. In the third grade I am going to learn very fast because I will practice the tests very fast, but sometimes I get some answers wrong. I know I can do better than that. My favorite food to eat is pepperoni pizza because it tastes very, very, very, very good and smells yummy.

Thank you,

Juan Benitez, age 7
San Francisco


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