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This is what we are all about! We are so very happy to share with you some of the best student writing from workshops, field trips, and tutoring sessions at 826 centers across the country. We also accept submissions by any students age 6-18. All writing can be emailed to submissions [at] 826national.org for consideration. Read on and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Secret Transmissions from 826CHI

The folks at 826CHI have a spy theme running through their writing center. But just because they love codes and secret phone lines and invisible ink, that doesn't mean they want to keep their amazingly creative students' writing hidden from the world. Read on for a selection of brilliant writing from Chicago.


Aisle 2
by Jillian Hutton, 5th Grade
from Mini Monster on the Moon, Fall 2009

Once, there was a broom named Kid who lived in Aisle 2 of the grocery store. Kid wanted to be penguin. He wanted to be a penguin because he loved penguins— where they lived, it was nice and cool, and the island was made out of flavored shaved ice you could eat.

Kid went to fishing school, which taught both fishing and regular school like math and spelling and reading and science and social studies. He was going so he could learn how to fish because his dad was a fisherman and he wanted Kid to do what he did. Fishing ran in the family. Read the entire piece...

* * *

By Cristian Rodriguez, 2nd Grade
From Half Cold, Half Not, Winter 2009

If I go to Mexico, I will see my

I will ride a horse and a donkey
and get a cowboy suit.
Read the entire piece...


Fire of Ducks
by Milo Carpenter, Age 11
826CHI After-School Tutoring

One day lightning hit a tree at the same time that the family was having a party. The tree fell down and blocked an exit. When people got near the tree they turned into ducks. The ducks flew away and started calling for help. The firefighters saved what they thought were the pets but they were stuffed animals. The firemen used fire but it just expanded and burned a Ford F-150. Then the ducks got crazy and started partying in the rain puddles.

Read the entire piece...

* * *

Edward Gorey’s Dead Brain Children And The Breakdown of Modern Language (Again)
Phoebe Murtagh, 10th Grade

Thirteen little Edwardian girls,
and the same amount of small, curious boys;
lined up on cold gravestones,
like Gorey’s illustrated puppet toys.
Read the entire piece...

* * *

Tell Me Where The Good Times Are
By Sarah Meyer, 11th Grade

The streets were rivers
as the sky flooded us with its tears

Her voice rang out
competing with the thunder

The song cried louder
than the engine of her car

That red bullet,
with black stripes and paint peeling
and a back seat that smelled like bread.
Read the entire piece...


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