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This is what we are all about! We are so very happy to share with you some of the best student writing from workshops, field trips, and tutoring sessions at 826 centers across the country. We also accept submissions by any students age 6-18. All writing can be emailed to submissions [at] 826national.org for consideration. Read on and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sent Through the Wormhole: Stories from 826LA

In this collection you'll find hot-off-the-press pieces from the talented young writers at 826LA. Whether you love chocolate, bond with friends over scrumptious meals, have a few paranormal encounters under your belt, or possess a need to spell check everything, these stories are sure to entertain! To pick up your very own collection of amazing student writing from our Los Angeles chapter, visit the publications page of the Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

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Wasabi Blues
by Jamise Caesar

Wasabi. I hate wasabi. I quiver at the sight of it. Its maliciously potent aroma makes me anxious, and its faded, tinge-of-vomit green hue makes me nauseous. I haven’t suffered very many traumas in my life, but the moment I had the misfortune of enduring the “unique taste” of wasabi is definitely among the few of my physically and mentally scarring ordeals.

It began on a fateful day in July, around four o’clock. We were deathly hungry, and the cupboards were barer than an infant born to nudist parents. My uncle suggested we go to an amazing sushi joint: Ziki’s was the name. Of course, my aunt and I complied out of sheer starvation. So began the journey I would soon rue.
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Where Not to Go in Culver City: The Haunted Girls' Bathroom (A True Story!)
by Eva Victoria Garcia

When I was in elementary school at La Ballona there was a haunted girls' bathroom. There were three girls' bathrooms: there was the upstairs one, the downstairs one, and the front one. People say that the downstairs girls' bathroom was haunted because they saw Bloody Mary in there.

But I don't believe it. The real haunted one was the upstairs bathroom, because you hear footsteps in there when you're alone.
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The Video Game Dog
by Edwin Martinez

The video game dog had a lot of superpowers. A superpower was fire, and he killed mean dogs. One day he found a robot dog in the street, and the robot dog grabbed his rope and caught the video game dog, and then took him to his house to eat him.
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Chocolate Holiday Treats Have Rich History
reporting by Jobim Zeichner

Chocolate has been around for a long time. In fact, chocolate has been around for more than 5,500 years. So many people love chocolate, that many people act in ways that seem crazy. If people stopped making chocolate, an angry mob might show up on the front door of every chocolate factory in the state. This newspaper took a survey of ten people in a room, and nine said that they loved chocolate while one said no, meaning that in every ten people nine like chocolate (90% of the world likes chocolate, and that's a lot of people).

A long time ago, chocolate (cocoa beans) was used as money. In fact, at that time some people had never even tasted chocolate because it was only meant for royalty, not just anybody.
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The Words Are Big Ones
by Ivan Tovar

Writing is hard because the words are big ones. The big words are hard to write. My sister helps me to spell the big words, but I will be able to spell them by myself.

* * *

Just to See a Smile
by Yuisi Dennis

A couple of days before my birthday, thoughts are in the air of what I want to do. I’m turning seventeen; I’m getting older; I’m almost an adult. I’m excited to choose where to eat for my birthday. Should I go fancy like Castaway, or should I come in under the budget and go to Porto’s Bakery? Porto’s hits my taste buds when I hear the bakery’s name coming from my mom and sister. Looking back to the humor, cheerful times, and endless smiles at Porto’s, I feel it would be great to go there for my birthday. Even though I wanted to go fancy for once, nothing can beat the smiles of my loved ones.

I am filled with excitement even though we’ve been to Porto’s many times. Money has been an issue lately, so whatever money is spent on me to have a great birthday, I’m going to appreciate. It’s also an opportunity to eat great pastries, a well-seasoned tuna croissant, and—to top it off—a fruit tart bordered with whipped cream and sprinkled with granola bits.

As I wait for my birthday, my stomach grows anxious. I want to fast the last day so that I can enjoy one great afternoon meal. Lying down in bed the night before my birthday, my anxiety grows, knowing exactly what I’m going to order although all I really want is jubilant smiles from my siblings and, especially, my mother. I go to sleep, and it seems that in no time I’m awake, ready to start the next day.
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