826 in the News

9 Adorable Kids Talk About Why Books Are The Best
November 24, 2014

We visited 826 NYC, an after-school program for kids in Brooklyn, and asked kids about reading.

826CHI Students Capture Life in Englewood
Chicago Tribune
August 15, 2014

“Even a Lion Can Get Lost in the Jungle," a vivid collection of short essays, is issued from the wide world of a Chicago neighborhood. The young writers who participated in this 826CHI publication project at Harvard Academy of Excellence document the community of Englewood as it once was, as it is becoming, as it might become.

Here's What You Can Buy At Brooklyn's Superhero Supply Co.- And How The Store Is Secretly Saving The World
Business Insider
July 17, 2014

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. promises all aspiring heroes passing its storefront that it can help with a "nemesis problem" with its "full capery" and "special programs for telepaths." A small chalkboard advertises products like a grappling hook or X-Ray vision powder.

Writing Centers Seek to Unlock Youths' Creativity
Education Week
June 10, 2014

The idea of going to an after-school tutoring center is undoubtedly groan-inducing for most students. But what if they could enter the workspace through a secret door? And what if that secret door were located in the back of a store that sold supplies for superheroes—capes, truth serum, photon shooters, and invisibility-detection goggles? Read more >>

826 and the Future of Education
Huffington Post
February 25, 2014

In the Echo Park and Mar Vista neighborhoods of Los Angeles, you'll find an establishment selling unexpected selection of mastodon meat, dodo bird chow and dinosaur eggs. These little unassuming storefronts, the Time Travel Marts, stock everything you need for a trip through the fourth dimension -- even time machine fuel. Read more >>

Meet 826CHI- a Zealous Good Non- Profit Member
Zealous Blog
February 19, 2014

We spoke with Molly Walsh, the store manager at 826CHI, to learn more about this great organization. 826CHI is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. I imagine it as the place where cool creative kids become even cooler and more creative. Read more >>

There Is A Store In LA For Time Travelers
January 15, 2014

No for real, it's called The Echo Park Time Travel Mart. Read more >>

11 Ways to Use Your Skills to Do Good
O Magazine
December 1, 2013

If you can whip up a tasty dinner, know your way around a spreadsheet, or play a mean guitar, you have a skill worth sharing. Read more >>

Coffeeshop Workshop: 826 Comes to Beezy's
Concentrate Magazine
November 20, 2013

The closing of Ypsilanti Middle School left 826michigan without a home for its Ypsilanti tutoring program, but it also provided the nonprofit an opportunity to significantly expand its operations in an unusual new space. Read more >>

Finding the Voices of a New Generation of Writers
November 20, 2013

For a child, becoming a good writer is one of the most powerful acts imaginable. Read more >>

Why Ron Burgundy Thinks You Should Stay Classy With The Cast Of Anchorman
November 14, 2013

How would you like to hang out with the cast of Anchorman and support one of the nation’s premiere writing and tutoring programs at the same time? Here’s your chance. Read more >>

826DC teaches young readers and writers that ‘the world is as amazing as you imagine it’
The Washington Post
November 10, 2013

Brightly lit and slightly sterile, 826DC is not your average tutoring center.

It is a place with a green iguana named Alvarez, a taxidermied coyote and a strange and whimsical skeleton built out of bones from a horse, an ape, a bat and an unidentified ungulate.

It is a place with a cave.

Something to Say: Success Principles for Afterschool Arts Programs From Urban Youth and Other Experts
The Wallace Foundation
November 1, 2013

How can high-quality arts programs attract and retain low-income urban tweens? Drawing on hundreds of interviews with young people, their families, leaders of exemplary programs and others nationwide, this report offers some answers, including 10 principles for developing effective programming. An infographic illustrating key findings, a report “knowledge-in-brief,” a video introduction and video profiles of six outstanding arts organizations offer compelling supplemental reading and viewing. Read more >>

Honoring Achievements in Literacy
Library of Congress
November 1, 2013

This year marks the debut of three awards administered by the Library of Congress and sponsored by philanthropist David M. Rubenstein to recognize and support achievements in the field of literacy, both in the United States and abroad. Read more >>

Youth Literacy Organizations Win Library of Congress Awards
Education Week
September 24, 2013

Reach Out and Read and 826 National, two nonprofits focused on improving youth literacy, are the inaugural winners of two Library of Congress literacy prizes, awarded at the National Book Festival this past weekend in Washington, D.C. The David M. Rubenstein Prize and the American Literacy Prize were launched at the first International Summit of the Book, held in late 2012. Read more >>

Imagine Through Storytelling With 826 National
Moomah Magazine
September 5, 2013

One of the best things about creating content for Moomah the Magazine, is that we get to approach learning through exploration, beauty, humor and curiosity. When developing stories, we take into consideration not only what parents are looking for, but also what children respond to. We are constantly making an effort to push our own creative minds, staying as silly and whimsical as our young readers. Our Imagination Issue is about just that: exploring imagination through different forms of art and writing, whether it's comic-book creating, animation, make-believe, or storytelling, so naturally, we had to include the creative minds at 826 National. Read more >>

A World Without Salt: How Creative Writing and Cross-Sector Cooperation Help Kids See a New Side of STEM
The Huffington Post
June 11, 2013

For our country to remain competitive in this ever-changing global economy and rapidly evolving, technologically-driven world, we need to ensure that we are appropriately investing in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills and talent that serve as the critical building blocks to support our foundation and our future. At the same time these STEM professionals have to be creative and able to communicate. As one scientist in the aeronautic field aptly put it, "I need engineers but I need engineers that can write. In this business, a misplaced comma can kill." Read more >>

826 Valencia students review ‘Frankenweenie’
November 5, 2012

This month’s offering of student movie reviews from the 826 Valencia student program is “Frankenweenie,” from Tim Burton. The movie is now playing in Bay Area theaters.

How to Teach 'Hamlet' the Dave Eggers Way
The Atlantic
October 10, 2012

At this San Francisco-based program, movement, theater, and glossy publications are all part of learning to read and write. Read more >>

Immigrant High Schoolers Reflect on the American Dream
PRI's The World
June 18, 2012

Summer vacation begins for students in Boston this week. For a group of 11th graders, they’re looking forward not just to some vacation, but also to becoming published authors.

Fifteen immigrant students from Boston International High School will be featured in a new publication called “So What Now?” The book is a collection of reflections on the American Dream. The young authors are from places like Sudan, Albania, and Colombia. Read more >>

Roxbury students write magnificent book
The Boston Globe
June 16, 2012

The state writing standards for middle-school students abound in colorless references to topic development, transitions, and “domain-specific vocabulary.’’ Nowhere does it suggest that writers in grades 6 through 8 should be capable of producing a joyous, publishable-quality book. Maybe it’s time to update the standards. Read more >>

826 Valencia: Transforming a Community, One Student at a Time
May 20, 2012

Nestled among the boutique coffee shops, dive bars and playgrounds of San Francisco’s Valencia Street, sits a bustling wood-paneled store, stocked with supplies for the aspiring swashbuckler. The store, located at number 826, does brisk trade in eye patches, spyglasses and scurvy cure, but it also harbors a secret many of the shoppers don’t know: it’s a front. Read more >>

826 National: Advancing Student Writing with a Design Twist
April 27, 2012

Earlier this month, in an article on Sappi’s Standard No. 5 event in NYC I promised you more about 826 National, a phenomenal non-profit organization providing students aged 6-18 with after-school tutoring, field trips, in-school projects and other programs centered around writing, creativity, and from a student perspective most important—fun. Read more >>

826 National Collaborates With Graphic Designers to End Youth Illiteracy
March 13, 2012

Fine paper company Sappi has created an ongoing educational series titled The Standard. Their journals are limited edition prints that ironically, express the various limits of print design itself. Their 5th journal "shows designers how the creative use of special effects can make a printed piece dimensional, tactile, intriguing and sometimes interactive… To illustrate that print and digital are increasingly intertwined and mutually supportive, the Standard #5 provides a dazzling example of augmented reality (AR) technology."

Their fifth journal, titled Special Effects, is inspired by 826 National, a network of nonprofit organizations dedicated to bettering youth literacy and writing and will be sold exclusively through 826 stores and at Sappi events. The magazine’s content was created by established graphic designers, as well as the 826 community. Read more and watch the video >>

826 National: Celebrating Creativity to Engage and Assist Youth
The DoGooder
February 28, 2012

Gerald Richards is the CEO of 826 National, a nonprofit organization that provides inventive programs for under-resourced students throughout a network of eight writing and tutoring centers. Having worked with another San Francisco area nonprofit, Richards joined the 826 National staff a year and a half ago because he felt his background and MFA in creative writing were a perfect fit for the organization. “I was so excited by the atmosphere and energy at 826 National,” Richards recalls. “The position brings together all of the different facets of my life, skills and interests and wraps it up in a bow.”

826 National’s writing and tutoring centers offer students between the ages of 6-18 years old with opportunities to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills. The nonprofit primarily works in areas where at least 50% of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Read more >>

826michigan: How a Robot Store gets Kids Hitting the Books
The Michigan Daily
Jan. 20, 2012

When LSA junior Alyssa Selasky rhapsodizes about the kids she tutors, she recalls how second grader Melanie stealthily guards her yo-yo and how seventh grader Justin pulls pranks to postpone the inevitable opening of his backpack. Then, just before her gaze begins to wander, a broad smile spreads across her face and she begins to narrate breathlessly. She does this repeatedly throughout our interview, barely containing how much she loves her job. In fact, she’s worried her enthusiasm might come across as overkill. But it’s as sincere as the longing expression on her face that seems to say, Please let me get back to doing what I love to do. Please."

Selasky is a tutoring intern at 826michigan, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center. It may be an internship, but Selasky doesn't fetch coffee.Read more >>

The Reluctant Role Model
The Michigan Daily
Jan. 20, 2012

Had 826NYC existed when 826 National CEO Gerald Richards was a boy, Richards might have visited the tutoring center himself. He might’ve even been like Santiago, a student at 826 Valencia who told him last year that he aspired to be 826 National’s CEO but has since confessed to being unsure of his career path.Read more >>

Writing Program Supplements US Public Education
Voice of America News
Nov. 23, 2011

For almost 10 years, a unique non-profit organization called 826 has been helping students across the United States become better writers by tapping into their creativity. Founded in San Francisco by the American author Dave Eggars and the educator Nínive Calegari, the 826 program has become so successful that it is now in seven additional U.S. cities. Read more and watch the video >>

Transforming Education Through Relevancy & Experience
Nov. 1, 2011

How do you make education enticing to kids? And how do you make it fun and easy to fund additional programs for under-privileged youth? Gerald Richards, the CEO of 826 National, a nationwide network of eight retail spaces that are integrated with tutoring centers, discusses how through a twist of zoning-law fate he began his retail-based tutoring programs.

Gerald Richards: 101 Uses for Hooks, Capes, and Viking Deodorant from Piers Fawkes on Vimeo.

read more>>

Word of Mouth: A Year in the Life of Fighting Words
RTÉ lyric fm
Oct. 28, 2011

Word of Mouth follows a year in the life of the creative writing center, Fighting Words, developed by the award winning Irish writer Roddy Doyle and the former director of Amnesty Ireland, Sean Love, which was inspired by 826 Valencia in San Francisco and is located in the heart of Dublin city. 826 National's former Director of Field Operations and Strategy, Erin Archuleta, was interviewed for the piece. Read more, or listen to the documentary.

Creative Writing Centers Help Students Become Published Authors
U.S. News & World Report
Sept. 23, 2011

The authors of Be Honest write about heartbreak, education, immigration, and the influence of politics with a kind of on-the-ground command you might not expect—but that's because they've lived through it. The book's authors are dozens of high school students across the country in the latest collaborative effort from 826 writing centers, a nonprofit formed by bestselling author Dave Eggers (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, What is the What) and teacher Nínive Calegari. The nonprofit has worked with more than 24,000 students in eight cities nationwide. read more>>

CGI Conversations with 826 National CEO Gerald Richards
Clinton Global Initiative 2011
Sept. 22, 2011

cgiconversations on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

How Dave Eggers Is Making Learning Fun
Inc. Magazine
May 2011

Dave Eggers and Ninive Calegari, the co-founders of 826 National, thought they had found the perfect spot for their drop-in writing center. There was just one problem: The storefront space on Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission District was zoned exclusively for retail. So Eggers, the celebrated writer, and Calegari, a veteran public-school teacher, got creative. They opened their tutoring center—inside a pirate supply store. read more>>

Poetry Partnership Helps Students Find Their Voice
U.S. Department of Education Blog
April 26, 2011

For a high school student, performing your poetry before the Secretary of Education is probably a little nerve-racking. But if Luis Zelaya, a senior at Columbia Heights Education Campus in Washington, DC, was feeling any nerves, he certainly didn’t show it at Monday’s President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities Poetry Workshop at the Library of Congress. Zelaya, reflecting on his youth in DC, read his poem Memories with power and emotion. read more>>

Making a Difference: Non-Profits Inspire New Superheroes
NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
March 1, 2011

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Web-only video: The Power of Fun

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

San Francisco Wunderkinder
The Bold Italic
February 23, 2011

Some years ago I began hearing about a world of kids and writing that existed in the back room of the Pirate Supply Store on Valencia Street. The more I heard about it, the more magical it sounded. read more>>

The GOOD Guide to Volunteering: The Mentor
GOOD Magazine
February 14, 2011

One organization that has become a beacon for literacy and creativity around the US is 826 Valencia. Founded in San Francisco by the celebrated author Dave Eggers, the organization now has outposts around the country, where it hosts tutoring in writing skills, covering everything from SAT preparation to poetry. To keep the place suitably San Franciscan, 826 Valencia also maintains a pirate store, where people can buy supplies for the pirate lifestyle, as well as many of the zines and chapbooks created by the students. ... We talked to Volunteer and Events Coordinator Margaret McCarthy about being a writing volunteer at 826 Valencia read more>>

Eye On The Bay: Unique Stores
KCBS 5, San Francisco
January 31, 2011

Brian Hackney scours the entire Bay Area in search of eclectic stores specializing in selling one item. read more>>

Closer Inspection: Making history
The Washington Post Magazine
January 23, 2011

Unicorns cry. A lot. Don't believe us? Just visit the Museum of Unnatural History. The quirky shop in Columbia Heights is the storefront for 826DC, the Washington branch of the nonprofit writing centers started by Dave Eggers. read more>>

The 826 National project makes an impression in Kenya
The National, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
January 4, 2011

The hot African sun is shining generously over festival tents in a field filled with splendid statues. Emerging from one tent are beaming children, brandishing brightly coloured books, which they themselves have made in two hours. They have been in a Publish Your Own Book workshop led by the admirable not-for-profit company 826 National, which is the brainchild of the acclaimed writer Dave Eggers (the author of Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, and more recently, Zeitoun) and is devoted to improving the reading, writing and literacy skills of underprivileged youth. read more>>

Hidden tutoring centers provide 'unnatural' education
December 7, 2010

At first glance, it's a hoax: a storefront for a Museum of Unnatural History, complete with a bizarre animal skeleton visible through the front window and unicorn tears for sale. It's perfect for luring in curious children. But when volunteers get kids past the upside-down coyote hanging from the ceiling and the owl with an elephant trunk, they shape young minds with after-school tutoring, writing workshops and books written by kids. read more>>

Boston kids wrote the darnedest letters to Michelle Obama
Boston Globe
November 29, 2010

Robots could help keep drugs off the streets. Computer companies should give away free laptops to students. People should be peaceful together, instead of fighting wars. Those ideas are only a sampling of what's on the minds of Boston children who wrote letters to the Michelle Obama. read more>>

Dear First Lady Michelle,
The New York Times
November 27, 2010

Ever since Barack Obama's inauguration, the staff members and tutors at our nonprofit writing programs have marveled at how this presidency has percolated through student essays, stories and poems. And it’s not just the president who has captured their attention — his wife, Michelle, has, too. From our students' perspective, Mrs. Obama is glamorous but accessible, maternal but cool. They trust her. read more>>

826 National's Unnatural Marketing Strategy
@issue, the online journal of business and design
November 24, 2010

Bear with me. This is hard to explain. We got interested in this story because we loved the graphics and packaging for the new Museum of Unnatural History in Washington D.C., which isn’t a museum and not a real store either. It’s the Washington D.C. location for 826 National, a nonprofit tutoring, writing and publishing organization founded to assist kids aged six to 18 with their writing skills. It got its start at 826 Valencia Street (hence the name), a storefront location in San Francisco's Mission District. To make the place seem "cooler" to kids, the 826 founders decided to disguise it as a "Pirate Store" and stocked it with pirate supplies like peg legs, message bottles and hooks. Kids loved it and sales helped support the tutoring programs. read more>>

Innovation of the Week: 826 National
Leader to Leader Institute
August 27, 2010

Read the feature here.

826 Valencia students review books and movies

826 Valencia and the San Francisco Chronicle have teamed up to publish book and movie reviews by Bay Area 826 students. You can read their latest cultural critiques below:

'Ramona & Beezus' funny and sad
August 27, 2010

Young critics rave about 'Prince of Persia'
June 18, 2010

826 Valencia on 'The Princess and the Frog'
April 30, 2010

Kids from 826 Valencia on 'Alice in Wonderland'
March 26, 2010

'The Omnivore's Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What We Eat (Young Readers Edition)'
March 12, 2010

'Percy Jackson and the Olympians'
February 26, 2010

826DC, addressing a critical issue: writing help for Washington students
Washington Post
June 5, 2010

"You hear "fundraiser," you don't think "facial hair," just like when you hear "writing center," you don't think "unbridled zaniness!" (Or maybe you do. Congrats!) But things have been known to happen when the beneficiary in question is 826, a national organization dedicated to providing students with free writing help." read more>>

826 National Announces Newest Chapter: 826DC
Washington, DC
December 7, 2009

Read the press release here.

Local Teens Get Help Crafting Personal Statements
Mission Local, San Francisco
November 8, 2009

Watch the video clip here.

Local non-profit group tutors students
KABC 7 News, Los Angeles
October 29, 2009

Use Your Volunteer Time Wisely: Help Often, One Kid At A Time
Joel Arquillos, 826LA Executive Director
The Huffington Post
October 20, 2009

"We're passionate about helping break down the ratio in classrooms where teachers often have over 30 students. Can you imagine what it must be like for teachers in classes that large to give their students the individualized attention needed to help them develop their writing? I know firsthand what it can be like, since I was a teacher for eight years in San Francisco. In fact, that's how I initially became involved with 826." read more>>

The Story Behind 826 National's Branding and Design
Zach Frechette
GOOD Magazine
September 28, 2009

"While we’re on the subject of the importance of design to the success of nonprofits, let’s take a moment to contemplate the standard bearer: 826 National." read more>>

Welcoming the New, Improving the Old
Sara Beckman
New York Times
September 5, 2009

Companies have begun utilizing new techniques to run successful corporations. One such innovator, Pact, designs organic cotton underwear and donates portions of their proceeds to several nonprofits, including 826 National. read more>>

"A Treasure Trove for Young Writers: A writing center turns San Francisco youth into published authors"
Erin Wiens St. John
Time For Kids
April 3, 2009

“The Pirate Supply Store attracts many San Francisco passersby. It's stocked with pirate necessities like seasickness tablets, anti-gangrene medicine and designer glass eyes. But it's the room beyond that is the real treasure. Bustling with kids, volunteers, parents and teachers, 826 Valencia is a place where pirate fans and landlubbers alike can develop their writing skills.” read more>>

"A Heartwarming Work of Serious Fun"
Cathy Curtis
MSN City Guides
February 14, 2009

“In the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, home to urban creatives and immigrant Latino families, a storefront displaying a life-sized robot greeting a caveman could be mistaken for just another vintage clothing store.” read more>>

"The Inauguration Show"
Ira Glass
This American Life
January 16, 2009

“In the podcast and web versions of this show, there is another story as Act II, called "Playground Politics." In this act, kids from the after-school literacy program "826" in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago and Ann Arbor read letters they wrote to Barack Obama.”

Click on the links below to hear MP3 of the reading.

Alexis Feliciano, age 9, Brooklyn

Chandler Browne, age 12, Chicago

Chanel Jones, age 12, Oakland

Chatham Singh, age 9, Los Angeles

Georgia Peckman, age 12, San Francisco

Heaven Willis, age 13, Chicago

Giselle Perez and Jennifer Munoz, age 11 and 12, San Francisco

Stephanie Aguilar, age 10, Los Angeles

Weslie Jackson, age 12, Chicago

"Listen Up, Mr. President"
Rebecca Sullivan
People magazine
February 9, 2009

“Students at 826 National, a network of nonprofit after-school tutoring programs, were asked what Barack Obama should do now. Their considered advice appears in a new book edited by Jory John.” read more>>

"They Are the World"
Jenna Krajeski
The New Yorker
January 29, 2009

“Death by cuteness. Not such a bad way to go. And since all proceeds benefit 826 National’s writing centers for children, it’s a worthy sacrifice.” read more>>

"'This American Life' radio show features Ann Arbor girl"
Roger LeLievre
The Ann Arbor News
January 19, 2009

“Eight-year-old Bushra Habbas-Nimer of Ann Arbor will surely tune in for today's broadcast of the public radio program "This American Life." That's because Bushra is part of a segment titled "The Inauguration Show," when people from all over the country offer their feelings about the new president. ” read more>>

"Kids send amazing letters to President Obama"
Peter Hartlaub
San Francisco Chronicle
January 22, 2009

“The first letters were mostly humorous. But as more came in from across the country, many were extremely heartfelt, and even more provided practical advice. The title of the book came from a five-paragraph letter by 13-year-old San Franciscan Yoselin Martinez, who gives advice on environmental issues and immigration before telling her own story.” read more>>

"Dear Sir Obama: Presidential Advice"
Jory John, Op-Ed Contributor
New York Times
January 16, 2009

“For the (826) students, the election of Barack Obama had overturned their world... We decided to channel this energy into a writing assignment. We asked (them) to offer their thoughts, hopes and advice to Mr. Obama in handwritten letters (many of which came with drawings). Here is the result of their work.” read more>>

"The Future of Words"
Dave Eggers
Esquire Magazine
September 26, 2008

Author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers writes about the future of reading. read more>>

"Five Questions for... Nínive Clements Calegari"
Lauren Kelley
Philanthropy News Digest
September 22, 2008

"In 2002, veteran school teacher Nínive Clements Calegari and author Dave Eggers co-founded 826 Valencia. Since then, chapters have been established in Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn, Seattle, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Boston under the umbrella of 826 National. In addition to heading 826 National, Calegari currently is helping produce a documentary film as part of the Teacher Salary Project. PND recently spoke to Calegari about 826 National, public school reform, and developments in the teacher salary movement." read more>>

"In plain English"
Colneth Smiley Jr.
Boston Herald
June 15, 2008

"Edwin Gonzalez, 17, another student editor, hopes the book will shine fresh light on the way people view his school and others like it. “I think the students won’t be looked at as gangsters or ghetto people, but as scholars and people who can actually think,” said Gonzalez, who plans to write with 826 Boston next year." read more>>

"Fighting for Truth, Justice and Creativity"
Jeffrey Freymann-Weyr
All Things Considered
June 6, 2008

"Past the mannequins wearing the latest in crime-fighting attire, tucked behind a hidden door, there's a spacious room filled with bookshelves, couches and tables." read more>>

"Life Lessons at English High"
The Boston Globe
May 22, 2008

"STORIES SPILL out of English High - about being the nation's oldest high school, about alumni such as Mr. Spock (actor Leonard Nimoy), about becoming a failing school that the state has threatened to close." read more>>

"Real Live Girls Play Dungeons & Dragons for Charity"
Ehren Gresehover
New York Magazine
May 12, 2008

"On Friday night, we put on our best suit of chain-mail armor, grabbed our sword, and journeyed to the Superhero Supply Store in Brooklyn, using our arcane Elvish tracking abilities to locate the secret door (hidden behind a bookcase) leading to the back-room dungeon which played home to Dungeons & Dragons (With Girls!), 826NYC's latest charity fund-raiser." read more>>

"Bigfoot Lends a Hand"
Andrea Shea
April 10, 2008

"Boston is a hub of scientific innovation. But one field of study has been low profile here....until now." read more>>

Alan T. Saracevic
The San Francisco Chronicle
March 1, 2008

But it was Eggers who stole the show. In a hilarious, rambling speech that had the crowd roaring with laughter and applauding in appreciation, the 37-year-old writer made his wish:

"I wish that you - you personally and every creative individual and organization you know - will find a way to directly engage with a public school in your area and that you'll then tell the story of how you got involved, so that within a year we have 1,000 examples of transformative change." read more>>

"826 Valencia: Pirates, writers in training"
Aram Boghosian
The Oregonian
February 24, 2008

"For the professional buccaneer, there's really no question as to where to go for the best in affordable pirate supplies. At 826 Valencia in the Mission District, there are eye patches, parrots, peg legs, hook protectors and planks by the foot. There are helpful guides on the pirates' code of ethics ('Cannons Shall Not Be Fired in Vain') and unacceptable slang ('Well, tickle my pits')." read more>>

"Best of the New: Diversions"
Aram Boghosian
The Boston Globe
February 1st, 2008

"Roxbury’s 826 Boston won’t open its cryptozoology supply store until this spring at the earliest, but the creative and expository writing center (an offshoot of 826 National, which began in San Francisco) is offering free writing workshops and one-on-one tutoring." read more>>

"Scrabble for Cheaters Tournament Yields Big Win (and Words) for Brooklyn Nonprofit "
Amanda Gordon
The New York Sun
January 21st, 2008

"Play began at noon in the 826NYC Writing Center, located behind the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. storefront, and lasted for seven hours. Several teams headed to Bonnie's Grill afterward to celebrate their cheating ways." read more>>

"After-school tutoring program puts kids on the writing path"
Andre Clark
The Boston Globe
January 20th, 2008

"'Across the spectrum of our program, from workshops to the after-school tutoring program, our students are provided with a great opportunity to work with our volunteers, which include professionals,' said Daniel Johnson, executive director of 826 Boston." read more>>

"A Hand Out"
Tanya Muzumdar
January 10th, 2008

"Musicians, lawyers, teachers, and university students are among 826 Michigan's 125 active volunteer scribes set on passing their passion for the pen to the younger generation. "I think why some of us do it is it sort of takes you back a little bit," explains tutor and University of Michigan graduate student Rachel Lieberman." read more>>

"A Genius at Tutoring"
Claire Cain Miller
January 7th, 2008

"The free tutoring is offered to any child age 6 to 18 but is aimed at kids in the public school system whose parents might not be able to assist with homework because they hold down several jobs or can't speak English. The volunteers also teach writing workshops and English-language classes, go to public schools to help teach writing and aid kids in getting their essays published in books and magazines." read more>>

"826 brings reading, writing and robots to Echo Park"
Steffie Nelson
Los Angeles Times
December 31st, 2007

"At the grand opening of the Echo Park Time Travel Mart on Dec. 15, the Robot Emotions were going like hot cakes (happiness and schadenfreude were the top sellers). The mystery product Chubble, on the other hand, available in more than 50 different varieties, wasn't really moving. A worker dressed like a cowboy shrugged. "It's really hot in the future." read more>>

"Dave Eggers' literacy efforts garner award: Bestselling author and founder of nationwide literacy centers receives the Heinz Award. "
Carolyn Kellogg
Los Angeles Times
October 24, 2007

"I think Dave has been a model of somebody wise enough to do good, other-centered things with his good fortune," says author George Saunders, recipient of a 2006 MacArthur Fellowship. "And the 826 centers strike me as being so right-hearted and efficient, just in terms of teaching kids about the importance of the word in our culture." read more>>

"Sci-fi on the side: Imaginary creatures from Bigfoot to Nessie are inspirational aids at a new writing center for youths."
Danielle M. Capalbo
Boston Globe
October 20, 2007

A peculiar building in Egleston Square will open soon under an equally peculiar name: the Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute. read more>>

"Eggers wins Heinz award"
Charles Storch
Chicago Tribune
September 12, 2007

Dave Eggers, an author and advocate for fresh literary voices and fledgling writers, is one of six winners of this year's $250,000 Heinz Awards, cited for hisleadership in the arts and humanities. read more>>

"A heartwarming tale of staggering genius"
Eva Wolchover
Boston Herald
September 2, 2007

Once upon a time, in fact earlier this very summer, teens at English High in Jamaica Plain were- and one is coming true right now. read more>>

"Author’s writing centers stretch kids’ creativity"
Christopher Borrelli
Toledo Blade
August 19, 2007

A typical 826 workshop is a little Letterman, a little performance art, and a lot like the coolest English class you never sat through. read more>>

"Their 'final' is a beginning for young authors"
James Ricci
Los Angeles Times
August 19, 2007

"They loved writing from the first day," Cometa said. "They loved telling their stories. They wanted people to hear their stories. Reading was also a big focus. We told them you have to see how authors do it, so you can take strategies from them, see how they use dialogue, and so forth. More than half had never read a book before in their life." read more>>

"Ready for Their Brooklyn Close-Up: 826NYC and BAM team up to give some (very) young filmmakers their night in the sun"
Michelle Orange
The Reeler
August 13, 2007

I'll admit at the outset that there was very little chance of the following being anything but a love letter read more>>

"Daring Dozen 2007: Twelve who are reshaping the future of education."
Carol Guensburg
March 15th, 2007

As a public school teacher for nearly a decade, Nínive Clements Calegari learned firsthand, and often the hard way, that kids need one-on-one feedback to improve their writing -- a fact that large classes, constant lesson planning, and myriad administrative responsibilities get in the way of, no matter how determined the educator is. read more>>

"826CHI: Boosting local youths' writing cred one mustache at a time."
Gavin Paul Giovagnoli
Feb 26, 2007

Imagination is key when it comes to inspiring kids to write. So building a Boring Store as the source of funds for after-school center 826CHI would be a hard sell... if it weren't a super-duper, top-secret cover for what's actually a spy supply depot. read more>>

"Choose your own adventure: Pencils, books, and peg legs? A new writing center is coming to town, and it’s calling your inner child. "
Nina MacLaughlin
The Phoenix (Boston)
March 15th, 2007

826 Boston will offer programs similar to those of the other chapters. It will support kids ages six to 18 in creative and expository writing. It will help teachers inspire their students to write. It will emphasize one-on-one attention. read more>>

"Showbiz busy for charity"
Dana Harris
January 17th, 2007

"Can we be real people?" Host Judd Apatow put the question to a sellout crowd that gathered Tuesday night. . . read more>>

"Handmade happiness: This Christmas, Mittenfest celebrates home-brewed music, community and literacy"
Johnny Loftus
Detroit Metro Times
December 20th, 2006

. . .826 is hard-wired into the local music scene. "Chris Bathgate teaches a songwriting workshop for students here," Sumerton says, "and Actual Birds and Frontier Ruckus have been involved in 826 benefits before. read more>>

"Conquest of the Word Masters"
Diane Dunkelberger
Benefit Magazine
December 1st, 2006

826 Valencia began generating interest on a national scale "almost at the very beginning," remembers Calegari, who not only helped Eggers start 826 but is now 826 National's executive director. In the early stages, she was receiving multiple calls every day from people who wanted help doing exactly what she was doing. "What I felt at the beginning was, gosh, it took us so much time to figure out how to do some of the back end work of founding a nonprofit and getting everything up and running that, I thought, if I could save other people that time, I would love to." read more>>

"Dave Eggers' Small Notion"
Joe Hagan
December 1st, 2006

Eggers’ philanthropic pursuits, in the form of a chain of nonprofit learning centers for kids called 826, have not only burnished his reputation as a true-of-heart publisher. . . read more>>

"Voluntary Action: What to expect when you give your time to New York’s worthy causes."
Adam Mckibbin
New York Magazine
November, 2006

In theory, tutoring at 826 is pretty straightforward. From 3 to 5:30 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, about 40 kids, most of whom are ages 6 to 11, drop in to do homework, aided by volunteers who look ripped from the pages of The Hipster Handbook. read more>>

"A Different Breed of Tutor"
Adam Mckibbin
October 13th, 2006

The volunteer tutors of 826LA's writing center -- and 826's branches across the country -- offer more than help with homework: They give kids a chance to fulfill their dreams. read more>>

"Google launches literacy project to link resources"
October 4th, 2006

A nonprofit group in New York called 826NYC is helping a group of six-to-nine-year-olds make a video tutorial for Google, while a set of older kids is filming a claymation short. read more>>

“Cool Kids Unite for Young Readers”
Rachel Devitt
The New York Sun
August 25th, 2006

"A benefit for child literacy hits home for me," Daily Show host Jon Stewart told the sold out audience at "Revenge of the Book Eaters," a benefit for 826NYC at the Beacon Theater Wednesday night, "because every night, before I put my son to bed, we sit down [pause] and we watch a benefit together." read more>>

“Jon Stewart, David Byrne and Sufjan Stevens Join David Eggers' Cause on "Bookeaters" tour”
Brian Orloff
Rolling Stone
August 24, 2006

While the show posed the playful -- and presumably rhetorical -- question: "Words or Music - Which Is Better?" there was little to contest during the near three-hour evening of music, readings and earnest appeals for donations. read more>>

“The TIME 2005 100”
James Poniewozik

Eggers also founded 826 Valencia, a tutoring program for kids in San Francisco that is expanding nationwide. read more>>

“Learning to scrawl: Mentoring center helps kids become experienced writers”
Eric Waggoner
August 10, 2005

Listen, here’s a little good news, and couldn’t we all use it? When some gasbag starts barbering on about how rich kids are spoiled, poor kids are criminals and the world’s generally going to hell, tell the cynic about 826 Michigan. read more>>

By Susan Salter Reynolds
LA Times Book Review
July 17, 2005

Dave Eggers' creation 826LA didn't waste any time, blowing into Los Angeles (using the nonprofit model created by Eggers and others in the San Francisco Bay Area), finding a home at Beyond Baroque in Venice, setting up programs for school-age writers and publishing their work, all in under a year. read more>>

“Jackson gets a lesson in teamwork”
By Kevin Ding
The Orange County Register
June 26, 2005

INGLEWOOD – Phil Jackson has been busy building his team anew, visiting with just about every player on the Lakers roster (Brian Cook has been out of town; Vlade Divac has been out of the country). Jackson has also been piecing together a coaching staff, confirming his talks with Scottie Pippen, who is indicating to those close to him that he'll be joining Jackson for this run.

In short, Jackson is back in business. read more>

“Teens once ‘Waiting to be Heard’ blossom in print”
By Jane Ganahl, Chronical Staff Writer
Saturday, May 15, 2004    

Courtney King turns to Page 9 of her spanking-new book and heaves a satisfied sigh. There it is: her first published work. And she’s only 18.

“Its exciting,” she says, not taking her eyes off the page. “It’s like something new is starting in my life.” read more>>

“Pen Pals: A growing network of workshops gets kids dashing out the door to write.”
November, 2005

“Imagine a place children go after school where it’s cool to do your homework,where working hard is fun,and where one-on-one help from supportive adults is always available. Sound a bit utopian?” read more>>

"A heartwarming work of literary altruism/Author Dave Eggers cultivates new generation of writers in the Mission”
By Jane Ganahl
San Francisco Chronicle
Friday, August 2, 2002

Dave Eggers, one of the brightest writing stars in the literary firmament, could be enjoying the high life offered an author of his growing stature: the parties, the talk shows, the lucrative speeches.

Instead, the 32-year-old best-selling author of "A Heartbreaking Work ofStaggering Genius" commutes every day from his Marin County home for an unpaid job at the 826 Valencia writing lab, investing his time and considerable fortune to help less privileged young people learn the craft that has fueled his career.

Named for its address in the Mission District, 826 Valencia is a unique educational work space for kids ages 8 to 18 who want to improve their writing skills through free tutoring, or learn new ones in workshops that range from cartooning to computers.

read more>>