The 826 National office facilitates research and evaluation for the 826 network. Our assessments inform future program development, and help us to understand and share the impact of our programs. To gather this data, we evaluate all of our students, teachers, parents, and volunteers both internally using means such as surveys, and through external means such as outside evaluation.

In our work with our students, and through our signature culture of creativity, we focus on having an impact on three broad domain areas, outlined in detail below: academic gains, social/emotional gains, and communication skills development.

826, by design, is a creative space, and the ethos of 826 centers is to encourage creativity. Within 826, there is a “culture of creativity” driven by a set of norms which infuse daily activity, from the tone set by staff to the way in which tutors work with students to the inventiveness of young people once given the okay to explore. These norms include: experimentation and risk-taking for student writing; respect for diversity of learning styles; honoring diversity of opinion, race, ethnicity and culture; and experimentation for tutors in working with students on homework and writing.

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Academic Gains Social / Emotional Gains Communication Skills Development
Writing skills Confidence/Pride Increased self-expression
Engagement and motivation in school and schoolwork Self-efficacy Learning how to ask for help
Homework (completion/understanding) Fostering creativity Interacting with adults