Cougar Productions and Midian Films 2 Cannes

by Michelle Carter

Our plan

Midian Films is a small independent Film Company based in Round Rock, Texas. We were aware of the Video Tech class at Connally High School and thought it would be cool if we showed the advance class how to get their film to the Cannes Film Festival in France. Our company has had films shown there for the last 6 years and noticed there was a presence of young high school students showing their work. So, we posed this idea to the Video Tech teacher Humberto Perez and he liked the idea. We have been working with the students since September and they are responsible for everything from writing the script to every aspect of film production and post production. We also approached the Culinary class for providing Craft Services and the Music Department for Scoring the film. I find this project exciting and want everyone to know of the wonderful things these kids are doing. The students are trying to find ways to make their dream come true by looking for sponsors.

What we did

1. We posed the idea to the Video Tech Teacher. 2. We became certified Volunteers for the school and go to school everyday and sometimes stay all day long to help out with his other video classes. 3. We go to the Digital Media Club after school and help out there 4. We are in the process of looking for funding. The School Superintendent and President of the School Board finds the project interesting and is looking into finding a way to help out. 5. The local TV station agreed to do an in studio interview with the kids to get more awareness. 6. The Local Newspapers are doing stories on the kids. 7. Our company also approached the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce.

Our results

I think the students are most affected through this project. Connally High School is not looked upon favorably in the community because of the problems they have with the students. Bringing a positive light for the school helps the students gain school pride and pride for themselves. Not only that but I think the teachers around the school appreciate what we are trying to achieve.